About us

At Jumak we are about the Korean experience, the food and the tradition.

The Korean cultural wave of the last few years showed the world what a few connoisseurs already knew – the excellence of Korean cuisine.

Modern Korean cuisine is a combination of many overlapping regional traditions and historical periods. Vegetarian traditions arose alongside various BBQ meats, as well as noodles and rice. Korean noodles are made from anything from sweet potatoes to rice and wheat. Meat dishes have ingredients familiar to westerners, with beef chicken and pork, except they are prepared in such a different way. Vegetables also blend the familiar with the unusual, with pickles, cabbage and potatoes served alongside seaweed and bean-sprouts lotus root and chilli. Seafood is also popular.

As is traditional with Korean food all meals are served with side-dishes, including Kimchi, the fermented vegetable that has been a staple of the Korean diet for generations, and rumoured to be the source of their good health.

We aim to provide the very best of all Korea’s diverse culinary traditions. Our style, our design, our decor and our service is all part of the experience. We service the best of Korean food in the most traditional Korean manner.

If you are looking for an authentic Korean restaurant in Sydney CBD, come to Jumak, because it’s more than just fine food.


经历了近几年的韩流文化浪潮,韩国已经向世界的鉴赏家们显明了 - 韩国料理的卓越。


在传统的韩国料理中,所有点餐都同时附有全套凉菜,包括泡菜 - 一种发酵蔬菜,已经成为韩国人代代相传,餐桌上不可缺少的美食,据说这也正是韩国人身体健康的源泉之所在。