Korean Restaurant Sydney CBD

Korean food owes its diversity to its many overlapping traditions and regional variations. There have been many BBQ meats, vegetable dishes and various types of noodles in Korea, with various different traditions going back many generations. This provides great variety, but often with many basic ingredients familiar to western audiences.


We are familiar with pork, chicken and beef, but Koreans cook these differently; many restaurants install BBQs so that the meat is prepared at the serving table. Thin meat that is cooked in a moment is a different experience to westerns diners; so is the eating of all these meats at one meal. Korean food manages to use familiar ingredients and still provide a unique dining experience.


Korean meals are always served with side dishes, mostly consisting of vegetables, rice, beans, sprouts, yellow radishes and Korea’s national dish - Kimchi. Kimchi is fermented vegetables with some spicy additives. It goes well with almost any main meal, and is considered exception healthy.


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Jumak is an authentic Korean restaurant in Sydney’s CBD. Jumak is both traditional Korean food and a traditional Korean dining experience.