Korean Restaurant Sydney

Jumak is about both the Korean food and the traditional serving experience.


Those who have been to South Korea know how often the locals eat out. Almost every restaurant is open till late, and almost every one of them is full. This accounts for the diversity of the cuisine and is a testimony to its high quality. People eat out because the food is consistently good and there is always so much more to try.


Part of the reason why so many westerners like Korean food it the range of BBQ meats. We are already familiar with beef, chicken and pork, but we find the Korean approach gives us a new variation on an old favourite. This gives the best combination of familiar and uniqueness to a dish. We can both try something new and not stray too far from our regular cuisine.


Korean is also well known for its noodles. But where we’re familiar with wheat noodles, often made with instant meals, the Korean tradition used ingredients ranging from sweet potatoes to rice. There is as more variation between different noodles that there is variation at a bakery. Noodles stay popular as there are so many types to try.


Korean food is traditionally served with side dishes. This includes radish, sprouts, beans, rice, peppers, and Korea’s national dish- Kimchi. Kimchi is spicy food made of fermented vegetables, often cabbage. It is believed to be the source of Korea’s good health, being excellent for the immune system.


A Korean Restaurant Sydney

If you are looking for an authentic Korean restaurant come to Jumak in Sydney’s CBD. It’s more than just fine food and it’s more than likely that you’ll keep coming back.